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SuperChords Guitar Instruction
Learn how to play guitar chords and create your own songs. The SuperChords guitar instruction incorporates audio, tablature notation, and chord hand position photos. Also included is a printable chord guide e-book, a quick-start video tutorial, and free Simple Tuner & Metronome software.

The SuperChords Method
The SuperChords method reverses the traditional way of guitar instruction. First, you click chords on the main interface, using only your ears to create a progression or song.

Second, you can learn how to play the guitar chords of your song or progression. SuperChords features tablature notation, audio and even a photo that shows you the guitar chord hand position, so you can be sure you're doing it correctly.

"SuperChords™ is super cool"
Super Creative Guitar Chords!

Tab Tablature Notation & more!
You can learn a chord, but can you create a song?
SuperChords method is better than a guitar book... you can hear it. It's better than an instructional can create your own chord progressions to learn. SuperChords is easy, and there's no boring theory. Sure, you may learn how to play chords using other methods, but can you create a song?

In the past, you had to learn how to play a chord before you even had the option of trying to put chords together to create your own song. In fact, it's pretty tough to create an original progression if you've just learned how to play the chords.

SuperChords Demo

Got three minutes?
SuperChords is super simple to use, but just in case, you'll also receive the "How to Use" video. This quick tutorial will show you how to get the most of SuperChords in less than 3 minutes.

"I love the simplicity of this product...I actually use it. What good are my boring books with tons of guitar chords? They're sitting on my shelf gathering dust."
Guitar Chords Instruction Video tutorial.

Guitar Chord Guide Book Printable eBook
You'll also get the SuperChords Guitar Chord eBook. Take this with you to your next practice or gig.

"with SuperChords I decide what chords to learn based on the sequence I chose. Fun!"

Free Metronome
Buy it now and you'll receive the Simple Tuner & Metronome software for free. Use it to practice your guitar playing and ear-tuning skills.

"Fast shipment love the product"
Free metronome & tuner.

Instant Download or CD-ROM
Buy the CD-ROM ... or you can purchase the download version and get it now. This product is designed for beginner Windows & Mac computer users. Downloading SuperChords is easy.


"This is so much better than a boring guitar book!"


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